Komedy Koven

Saturday, June 29, 2002
In response to Dr. Chameleon's post below, I'm just glad I wasn't there for the inception of Santa's Castle:

"In 1962,with one set of animated elves displayed in a vacant building, Santa's Castle was started."


Wednesday, June 26, 2002
The Hottest Club in the Northwest!

Due to a sad death in the Komedy Koven family Dr. Chameleon will be spending a few days in sunny, tiny Storm Lake, IA, home of Santa's Castle and host to the Great Iowa Tractor Ride. Alas, there isn't a whole lot of fun to be had for a cosmopolitan gentleman such as myself, but they've got sixteen churches, including a Buddhist temple. Even the college kids don't have much to do, as the student newpaper entertainment page consists of one movie review. Funeral or not I'll need to let off a little steam, right? And as I'll be staying in the no-frills Vista Economy Inn it's either Malarky's or bring my own bourbon and drink myself to death in a crappy motel. I think they have cable but I'm not sure about ice. Anyway, after countless hours of family tragedy I'll need the brooding time.

While my grandmother (mom's mom) never served us pink snowballs, she made a mean cranberry sauce, which was pink (how?) with little marshmallows in it, on a leaf of iceberg lettuce, no less. In her later years at the nursing home, when there wasn't much to do but watch TV, she made this lovely observation: "there sure are a lot of coloreds on TV these days." Yes, Grandma, there are. And I bet Redd Foxx is up there in heaven kicking her ass right now. God bless.

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