Komedy Koven

Tuesday, December 10, 2002
or: What Would Wombish Do?

The further I've gotten into this thing they call "the online," the more I seem to learn, but a lot of what I learn doesn't make any sense to me. For instance, why are people so down on SUVs? I've seen some cool television commercials about them and it looks like you can outrun a bobcat or drive to the top of a mountain! What's wrong with that? It sounds pretty cool to me. "Lighten up," people.

Oh, and does anyone know when the new Pac-Man album is coming out? I've been waiting for kind of a long time, now. That guy is totally awesome and he should really put out another one.

Sunday, December 08, 2002
"The Whitest Place On Earth"

Newscenter Koven just alerted me to the existence of The Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, Missouri.

I know there's a lot of crazy, messed up stuff out there, but this is as sick and wrong as it gets. I don't advocate violence or law-breaking of any kind, so let me just say that it would be terrible if anyone firebombed the chapel, or in any way defaced, mangled, or obliterated it. There's a virtual tour which might be seen as a security lapse that could help any would-be attackers carefully plan their mayhem.

Meanwhile, I would very much like to know if The Precious Moments Singers have released any CDs, 'cause you know Christmas is sneaking up on us... *wink*wink*

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