Komedy Koven

Thursday, August 08, 2002
Ray Evangelista, the One Man Band
Can I just say, I LOVE this man? What could be better than slurping cheap fruity alcohol from a flaming volcano while Ray kicks it karaoke-style with a sweet Santana tune? Not much, I say. Not much. Ray virgins, get your butt down to the Hunan Garden and see why I placed Ray at #5 on my City Pages 2001 Picked to Click. I should mention that Ray is from the Philippines, where karaoke is super popular, everyone's a good singer and the people enjoy the cockfighting.

On a related note, Lori sez: "I wish cockfighting was actually guys fighting with their cocks." We all do, honey. We all do.

we take off our pants... so you don't have to.