Komedy Koven

Friday, October 04, 2002

I should be in bed but I've been reading the Mr. Show book and had an uncontrollable giggling fit. This is why Jay Johnston is my favorite guy on the show (after Bob, of course...okay and maybe after David, too):

"The shot we needed for the 'Mustardayonnaise' piece was the group of convicts from the 'sauce prison' or whatever that was. A place where people go when they commit crimes against things you put on bread. The convicts were to carry me on their shoulders and set me down at a table in front of the camera. As a side note, occasionally I get an idea in my head that I must explore until someone in charge says, 'What in the fuck are you doing?' And on this particular day, in this particular situation, I was told we were shooting it for slow motion. So, if the entire shot would be in slo-mo, I considered it funny if I pumped my arms extra hard and fast with no emotion, because they would move faster than everything else when it was slowed down. Well, during the five or six times we did the shot to get it right, absolutely no one said a fucking thing about it. And, as it turned out, they did not slow it down. It wasn't shot for slow motion, and I don't think people should say stuff like that when they are wrong."

I suspect l find this so funny because it reminds me of how I operate: I know I'm doing something stupid and irrelevant and yet I'm bitter when things go awry. Conversely, I'm often guilty of doing shit on camera and later getting pissed at Chuck for deigning to use the footage (e.g. the butt-slapping and record-licking in "Mix Tape Genius"). I am a serious artist. My soul cries out in agony. My eyes roll out of my skull and children gobble them up like so many precious cakes. What is this sticky black goo choking me? who am this? where are then? hoop harp hop

hep hep

....squorch;pop*zing!* ( e )

Monday, September 30, 2002
It's about time we get to see our heros in action. Details over here. Meanwhile, why not enjoy naked clowns at knottyclown.com?

we take off our pants... so you don't have to.